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By Natalie Ambrosio, Research Assistant, ND-GAIN Urban Adaptation Assesment

Outdoor adventures; fine wine; reading on the couch. The thread that ties these all together is the role they can play in adapting society to climate change. Adaptation goes far beyond preparing for sea level rise or other disasters and that’s what makes it exciting. Every sector has a need for creative thinking that leads to adaptation action.

The historic Cape Lookout Lighthouse in North Carolina, has stood tall through Civil War battles and inclement weather since 1859. Yet now coastal erosion and other climate-related changes threaten this tall brick landmark. Historical buildings and landscapes hold important value both for tourism revenue and cultural impact. A currently little-explored field, researching the preservation of cultural sites is an exciting opportunity to adapt to a changing climate.

By Chen Chen, Research Scientist, Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN)

Funded by a two-year Partnership Development Grant from Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, McGill University-based Adaptation Tracking Collaborative gathers partners from Wageningen University, UCLA, and ND-GAIN to develop conceptual, methodological, and empirical approaches for tracking adaptation across scales. Since September 2016, the collaborative has surveyed private sector stakeholders to understand the private sector adaptation tracking needs and perception. The survey seeks to collect comments on existing metrics and to build a “wish-list” by which private sector stakeholders believe adaptation tracking would be valuable to facilitate their resilience investment. The collaborative carried out the survey covering a spectrum of private sector industries, including (re)insurance, manufacturing, consulting-service, legal-service, and rating company.


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