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“Interest in climate adaptation?” I received an email with this subject line in the summer of 2013 from Managing Director Joyce Coffee. Though I considered myself literate in climate change issues at the time, I had to look up exactly what climate adaptation meant. Three years later, I am wrapping up my time as an intern at ND-GAIN and I consider myself lucky. It’s a rarity for college students to stay with one organization for more than a year or two. It’s even rarer to get experience in a specialized and quickly growing field before graduation. But that is what I’ve accomplished through ND-GAIN and it’s what I see happening now as more and more interns are added to the team.

Over 300 urban influencers from 30 countries nestled into Barcelona’s Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau for the City of Barcelona and UN-HABITAT’s Barcelona Resilience Week. Together we broached all things urban; panels and presenters discussed and disseminated issues from the Zika virus, to rising sea levels, to the Syrian refugee crisis. This inspiring group of experts shared their successes and their failures, their city’s needs and wants, and a commitment to a more resilient future.


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