2014 ND-GAIN Prize Winners

The 2014 winners, honored at an event hosted by Baker & McKenzie in connection with Climate Week NYC and the United Nations Climate Summit, include:
    • Centre de Suivi Ecologique's Adaptation to Coastal Erosion project in three urban coastal areas with economic importance    for fisheries and tourism and affected by coastal erosion. The project is a partnership between the Centre, the Senegalese government and Dynamique Femmes, among others, and is financed by the Adaptation Fund.
    • Novartis International AG's Arogya Parivar “Healthy Family” initiative for creating Social Ventures – shared-value business models that complement philanthropic and zero-profitinitiatives   – and uses both social and business components together to create sustainable solutions.

    Submissions were received representing projects in more than 30 countries and more than 20 topics from forestry, water and food to energy and health. Submissions were evaluated on their measurable adaptation progress, scalability, market impact and partnerships.  In addition to the award winners selected by the judges, there were several projects to watch, including:

    1. Abbott, in partnership with Partners in Health, for their Nourimanba social enterprise nutrition initiative in Haiti. 
    2. Andean Health and Development for their health training initiative in Ecuador.
    3. BASF, in partnership with Grameen Limited, for their mosquito net innovation in Bangladesh.
    4. Climate Change Unit of Delta State for their eco-cook stove initiative in Nigeria.
    5. Engility Corporation, in partnerships with local non-profits and USAID, creating the multi-sector Climate Change Resistant Development initiative in several countries including Kajikastan, Nepal and the Philippines.
    6. HSBC India, in partnership with the Jal Bhagirathi Foundation, for their potable water harvesting projects in India.
    7. Royal Green Technology Co., in partnership with the Animal Development Society, for their biofertilizer project in Egypt.
    8. South Pole Carbon, in partnership with Evidence Action, for facilitating investments in water purification projects in Kenya and Uganda

    The ND-Global Adaptation Index Corporate Adaptation Prize Winners and projects to watch demonstrate that scalable, corporate-driven climate adaptation is happening around the world and can inspire leaders from allsectors to galvanize initiatives that save lives and improve livelihoods in the face of global shifts.

    View ND-GAIN's YouTube for videos from the event in New York.

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