Transparency International just released its climate change Global Corruption RepSlide1

The Pacific Rim Coordination Center (PRCC) has just released a showcase website where they emphasize on OpenData when dealing with coordination and data driven decision.

dbenaListen to PepsiCo Senior Director of Sustainability Dan Bena’s overview of PepsiCo’s major sustainability initiatives on Nature of Business radio.

The effects of a changing climate, increasing population and other global problems are mounting every year. We are not talking about the future, this is happening now. There is much more we could do to address these challenges. For that, participation by the private sector is an essential part of the solution.

More than 50 representatives from civil society, government, academia and business attended the Global Adaptation Institute’s presentation of the Global Adaptation Index™ (“GaIn™”) in Moscow, Nov. 3, 2011.Carnegie Presentation in Moscow

Dr. Juan José Daboub was this week’s featured business leader in the EcoInnovator Blog, hosted by the Corporate Eco Forum. The posting, “Facing a New World of 7 Billion + Climate Disruption: How Prepared is Your Company?”, discusses the importance of adaptation for the private sector as the 7 billionth person entered the world last month.

Dr. Juan José Daboub describes the work of the Global Adaptation Institute at Climate Week NYC 2011 in New York City.