GAIN 2012 Annual Meeting & Scientific Convening

Dr. Bernard Amadei, Founder, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, talks to GAIN about how adaptation is becoming central to the work of engineers around the world and the mission of EWB.

GAIN: How do you see adaptation being incorporated into the work of Engineers Without Borders moving forward?


Dr. Juan José Daboub, Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) Founding CEO

GAIN Founding CEO Juan José Daboub spoke to more than 70 youth on April 18 at the 2012 International Solidarity Forum (ISF) at the United Nations and World Youth Alliance headquarters in New York.

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GAIN Chief Scientist Dr. Ian Noble talks about the GAIN Index at the World Economic Forum April 16-18 in Puerto Vallarta. 

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Developing nations will require significant investments in adaptation to climate change and other global trends in upcoming years. Private investments and public-private partnerships will be the key to saving lives and improving livelihoods.

Market in Kédougou, Sénégal (West Africa)

A market in Kedougou, Senegal (West Africa)

Scientists and agriculture experts discussed the future of global food supply at the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., April 12.

Distinguished leaders from around the world gather in Bonn, Germany, several times each year to discuss solutions to climate change challenges. 


Dr. Ian Noble, GAIN Chief Scientist, presents on the GAIN Index. 

Dr. Jintao Xu, Professor of Natural Resource Economics, National School of Development, Peking University and GAIN Council of Scientific Advisors member, talks about the key adaptation challenges facing China and how the GAIN Index highlights his country’s progress building greater resiliency.

What are the greatest adaptation challenges for China?

Achieving Inclusive Economic Growth - World Economic Forum on Latin America 2011

The World Economic Forum on Latin America took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. This year’s WEF on Latin America will be held in Puerto Vallarta, México, April 16-18.

Visiting GAINFormer Prime Minister of Belarus Stanislaw Shushkevich met with Global Adaptation Institute CEO Juan José Daboub at the GAIN offices in Washington, DC, March 28 to discuss adaptation issues in his native country, as well as in neighboring countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

Global warming, climate change, and other global challenges were hardly heard of a few years ago. Scientists studying this issue confirmed these emerging challenges, but their recommendations have not been implemented. Finally, the international community has agreed on the need to take action, and established the Kyoto Protocol within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to push the most developed countries to start reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Engineers will be among those on the front lines of adaptation. From improving the resilience of water pipes and energy transport systems to redesigning how entire urban areas are built, engineering firms will need to solve new challenges created by population growth, urbanization and climate change.