Dr. Jessica Hellmann, Lead, Climate Change Adaptation Program, ND-ECI, was featured on Arise News’ “Arise America” on Earth Day. Hellmann discussed the importance of adaptation and the new ND-GAIN alliance: 

We now have a tool that helps us translate our research directly into the hands of those who can use it. 

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ND-GAIN Advisory Board Member and NGP Chief Executive Officer of NGP Energy Capital Management co-authored, with Eurasia Group President, Ian Bremmer, a May 22, 2013 NY Times op-ed titled “When America Stops Importing Energy.” 

photo-4Entrepreneurs and Tecnológico de Monterrey business and public policy students discuss how Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprises can use adaptation data. 

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Physics Today featured ND-GAIN in a special article on international organizations addressing adaptation. The article asks what world actors are doing to “bridge the gap between science, policy, and x-factors in adapting to climate change.” 


Founding GAIN CEO, Dr. Juan José Daboub participated in the launch of the book, “Un Millón de Jóvenes Por México” (Million Youth for Mexico), at Georgetown University on April 2. Invited by the Georgetown Latin American Student Association, Dr. Daboub discussed the progress made and reforms needed in Mexico based on his years in government in El Salvador, experience in the private sector across Latin America and as Managing Director of the World Bank. 

Maqsuda giving a talk about "Street Children in Bangladesh and the Children's Village Haluaghat", Humanities Journal Club, Heidelberg University

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released reports that warn of shifting agricultural patterns, weaker ecosystem services and endangered livelihoods throughout the United States. The agency also notes that areas with infrastructure and energy and production systems based on past climatic and ecological conditions will be at risk.

Notably, the USDA recommends implementation of climate change adaptation strategies:

World Economic Forum 2013: Feature