Posted in the South Bend Tribune: Climate change projects win Notre Dame prizes

SOUTH BEND — Two projects that address climate change in developing countries have won the 2015 Corporate Adaptation Prize, which is awarded by the University of Notre Dame's Global Adaptation Index.

The university announced this year's winners on Thursday.

Faith and science can find common ground

Pope Francis has found a meeting place for those with extreme religious and environmentalist stances

Jessica Hellmann, associate professor and associate department chair of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, has been named the new director of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment. 

Pope Francis: The Vatican insisted that the 192-page document was not the final draft and swiftly punished the journalist

Environmental activists carried a banner as they marched towards a church to coincide with Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change in Manila, Philippines. 
Chad Pecknold and Jessica Hellmann react to the Pope Francis's comments on climate change

Papal order shines light on climate change's impact on poor

The papal encyclical set to be released Thursday will highlight the threats posed by climate change on the world's poorest, most impoverished citizens — a population scientists have long warned will be disproportionately affected by global warming.

Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment is intended to deepen our common reflection and spur action on climate change. His goal will be to appeal to consciences. 

The pope's challenge on global warming

Op-ed by Rev. John I. Jenkins

Pope Francis is expected to warn that climate change is largely the result of human activities

Pope Francis to intervene in climate change debate