Adaptation a Central Topic During Atlantic Community Initiative Meeting

IMG-20121130-00234Food security, water scarcity, energy access and increasing impacts of natural disasters are realities we all must pragmatically address now. The importance of adapting to these global forces is a message that participants in the Atlantic Community Initiative International Forum agree must take a more central role in the Initiative’s “Agenda for the future,” a document that will help guide Atlantic states’ future cooperation.

Helping to inform this new emphasis on adaptation, GAIN Founding CEO, Dr. Juan José Daboub (left), presented, today, GAIN’s mission and the GAIN Index ( 

Co-organized by the Moroccan High commission for Planning and the Bureau of European Policy, the Initiative is in its second year. Professors, CEOs, ambassadors, and others are meeting Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 in Skhirat, Morocco to increase political support for projects that address challenges and opportunities on transport, energy, security, education, economic growth and other issues. The Initiative includes diverse economies from around the Atlantic, such as Gabon, South Africa, Argentina, Gabon, North American and European countries, as well as most of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. 

Since almost 2/3s of the world’s GDP comes from countries deeply connected to trans-Atlantic trade, how these countries tackle building more resilient societies will impact approaches in the rest of the world.

Continuing into tomorrow, Her Excellency and GAIN Advisory Board member, Mrs. Ana Palacio, former Foreign Affairs Minister for Spain, Mr. Jeroen Van Der Veer, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, and José Manuel Barroso, current President of the European Commission are speaking alongside many other high-level leaders.

Carousel photo courtesy AG Gilmore (Creative Commons).