GAIN Index Discussed in Rwanda's "The New Times"

Rwanda: 15 years on - Ramadhan's story

Rwanda rice paddy (Photo courtesy DFID, Creative Commons)

Alline Akintore, Reporter for Rwanda’s The New Times, recently delved into the country’s GAIN Index data in the article “Of rain and climate change.”

I wondered, save for the kill-your-afternoon-plan rains, how is Rwanda fairing with this climate change? This past week I landed on the GAIN index: a project by the Global Adaption Institute (GAIN) that summarizes a country’s readiness and vulnerability to climate change.

Adjusting for GDP, Rwanda ranks 53rd on the GAIN index - 7th in readiness (fantastic!), and unfortunately 139th in vulnerability.

To put this into context, the GAIN vulnerability metric has “two dimensions: three core components (exposure to climate-related hazards, sensitivity to their impacts and capacity to cope with those impacts) and six sector indicators (water, food, health, human habitat and infrastructure)”. Fair to say we aren’t doing well in that department.

The GAIN index measures the resilience of countries to climate change - at 53 we are doing well compared to most developing nations but it is still imperative that we do more to protect our habitat and ecosystems, especially since our vulnerability rankings are quite dismal.

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