Spotlight: A $100 Billion Opportunity

Thailand floods Nov 2011

2011 flooding in Thailand (Photo courtesy EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, Creative Commons)

Companies Investing in Climate Adaptation

GAIN Founding CEO Dr. Juan José Daboub “has sat on all sides of the table when it comes to solving the world’s toughest challenges,” said the opening paragraph of an article by Devex Impact’s Andrea Useem. 

The article touches on the private sector’s role in investing in adaptation from how companies are using the information, what industries are most interested in the information, and what quadrants of the GAIN Matrix are most relevant to companies.

For companies that can choose where to do business – where to build parts of a car, or where to grow food, for example – the quadrants help sort out levels of risk. Many companies are drawn to the red quadrant, which includes countries like Pakistan, Myanmar and Honduras. These are the most vulnerable and the least ready for investment, but some companies, knowing that the greatest risk may yield the highest expected return, want to invest there.

Companies with a long-term vision will look first at the blue quadrant. Those countries have great challenges but are adopting new solutions. These include countries like Botswana, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. They are highly vulnerable to climate change in terms of its effect on health, water, infrastructure and education, but they’ve also adopted reforms to reduce corruption, build institutional capacity and make the country ready for investment.

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