Spotlight: Brazil Not Prepared for the Impacts of Climate Change

Walking on a mud-filled road in the Amazon

A mud-filled road in Brazil’s Amazon (Photo courtesy World Bank, Creative Commons)

Deutsche Welle featured an article this week about Brazil’s overall vulnerability and readiness to adapt to climate change, and referenced the GAIN Index and the Global Adaptation Institute’s Chief Scientist Dr. Ian Noble. 

"Experts say the country has no strategic plan to minimize the effects on sectors such as agriculture, energy and regional migration. Survey shows Brazil as the 58th in vulnerability," according to the article

Images of landslides triggered by heavy rains and left hundreds dead in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, in early 2011, or refugees from drought in the Northeast are steadfast in the minds of many Brazilians. But these are just two of many examples of the impacts of climate change in Brazil.Often, these effects are even worse because of the lack of structure of cities.

"Brazil is not fully prepared for climate change and its impacts. Weaknesses in Brazil are related to its infrastructure and to being a country of enormous length and with a large poor population", says the chief scientist of the Institute Global Adaptation (GAIN, in English), Ian Noble. Recent research by the institute showed that, in the inquiry vulnerability, Brazil is in 58th position among 176 countries.

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